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ECE Final Year Project | Major Project for ECE Students

Hello everyone, Here we are going to share some of our latest ECE final year projects. which can help you to get the ideas for your project. also, for the students who are searching for the projects, we are providing the full details. Electronics and communication engineers can make the following projects. electronic and communication make the electronics, embedded, IoT, and robotics projects. which have some home automation, irrigation advanced projects. So, here we are given the list of electronics projects for final year.

  1. Digitalize GSM based Forest fire alert system

In this Project, We have been solving the forest fire problem as we know every year we lost a lot of things due to forest fire. so, now we have made something which will give us the solution for that problem. As we know there may be any reason which may be the cause of the forest fire.

HTML Image as link

sometimes it may happen due to wind and due to animal of people. so we have made a system with this amazing ECE final year project which will detect the fire and notify the people that there is a fire at the site of the forest. and we have also made this project advance.

we have attached a full water pump system which will start automatically. when the system detects the fire there.

ece final year projects

2. Dual-axis solar tracker System Engineering Project

Our seconds final year project for electronics and communication is very popular on the internet. the name of this project is Dual axis solar tracker. this project is very helpful to get the maximum efficiency from the sunlight. there are we using the traditional method with the solar tracker.

but this the traditional tracker can’t give the full efficiency. but with this solar tracker, we can get the maximum efficiency. because it traces the sunlight full day. the face of the solar tracker traces the maximum intensity of light.

so, the maximum light will produce the maximum current. there are two types of Solar tracker one is a single axis solar tracker and another one is dual-axis solar tracker.

electronics projects for final year

3.DIY Metal Detector using Arduino step by step

So guys if you are looking for a project which can help you to find the treasure. how would it be? Okay, now we have made a metal detector alarm using the Arduino and the copper coil. with the help of some transistors and other electronic components.

This metal detector major projects for ece can help also the people who want to search some metal or it may be helpful to segregate the metallic waste out from the garbage. so, you can include this project in any other project.

This project is the most searchable project from ece students. All the work, construction, and everything about the project we have shared into the project you can go through the link. There is one LED and buzzer which will notify you when it detects any metal. it can only detect the steel only. for other metals, you have to modify the circuit.

ece final year project ideas 2021

4. How to automatic plant watering system

Now, if you want to make some project on agriculture which is a very popular topic in nowadays. here we are making the Agriculture system advance. which can help the people. So here we are solving some irrigation problems with the help of technology.

when there is a need for water to the plant the automatic watering system start and when there is no need the irrigation system will turn on the water pump. We will use a special type of sensor over there which can easily detect the moisture in the soil.

so, if you want to make such a final year project for electronics and communication you can consider this awesome project. Also there we have a IoT based smart irrigation project you can consider this also if you have an option for the internet of things.

major projects for ece

5. How to make automatic hand sanitizer at home

At this time we need some advanced sanitizing products such as an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. Do you know the working of the automatic hand sanitizer?

In this ece final year project, we have used the concept of the ultrasonic sensor which can detect the thing in front of the sensor also it can calculate the distance between the sensor and the object.

using this principle we are using the automatic command by the programming. here also we are using the Water pump inside the hand sanitizer which can pump the sanitizer. when someone in front of the sensor it will detect and dispense the sanitizer.

this is a small working of this ece final year project ideas 2021. Here we are providing a full detailed tutorial with code, circuit, and working. only you have to read and follow the instructions.

final year project for electronics and communication

6. Face Recognition using Raspberry Pi

This face recognition project is more advanced than the above-given project. In this project, we will use raspberry pi which is a processor and advances from the microcontroller and we need another language python to program this module. so, in this project, we will recognize the face with the help of a camera and processor. so, if you want to make this major projects for ece you only need to follow the instruction which we have given on the project page. you can get all the detail there. you can use this project further in your attendance system and Face recognize-based person counter. If you know some basics of python and how to set up the raspberry pi then you can do this project easily.

7. Home Automation using IoT | IoT project

Home automation is one of the most searched keywords in technical terms. so, we made this project which can help you to make your own home automation projects for ECE final year students.

The home automation project is very easy and simple to make you only need to know some basics of IoT (internet of things). Here we will control the home appliance with the help of the internet and mobile application. which is known as the Blynk app.

Blynk provides the server for IoT applications. so, we are using this blynk server for our home automation project over there. There is some button inside the application also we have the option there to add the button, slider, etc.

there we have used the nodemcu (esp8266) device which has inbuilt wifi and controller. Some relays and power supply we needed.

projects for ece final year students

8. automatic car parking system project Using Arduino

When we talk about the Car parking there we need some pre-notification that there is space in the parking or not. sometimes we enter the parking and can’t find the space for parking.

so, to solve this problem we made this awesome project which can notify us that there is space for parking inside the parking. There we are using some IR sensor that detect there is space or not.

all these sensors are connected to a controlling box and this controlling box shows us on the display the status of parking. so for this project, we are providing you all the stuff like code, schematic, construction, and code.

Ece final year project

9. Human Following Robot Using Arduino

This ECE final year project is something different. as we can understand the things by the name of this project. yes, this project is a Human following robot it follows the human with the help of some special sensor connected in this project.

there are some IR sensors, ultrasonic sensors, servo motor, motor driver, and much more. you can find all the components details in the post. when someone comes in front of this robot it will follow him & her. it is the same as obstacle avoiding robot.

This project is looking like a robot. has some eyes-like structure. and all the detail has been given in the post like Code, schematic, construction, and working. and also we have Uploaded the Future scope of this project.

electronic and communication major project

10. How to make an Electronic voting machine project (EVM) with Arduino

EVM stands for an electronic voting machine which is the same as we use in the election to choose the candidates. so, this is the customizable EVM machine on which you can vote anything. like if you want to select the class coordinator you can vote your candidates with this electronic voting machine electronics projects for the final year. Here we are using simple voting methods there are some push buttons in the machine that will use to vote. and we save this data into the Arduino and do not display it until press the result button. we are using the 16×2 lcd display to display the winner’s name and the total vote got by all the parties. Code, circuit and construction, and everything we have uploaded into the article you see the article by just clicking on the heading.

Arduino ece project

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