What is a Resistor? And It’s Basic Type.

what is a resistor

  Hello Guys, Welcome¬† To Techatronic with New Interesting Topic Which Is What Is a Resistor? And It’s Types, Basically, Resister Is the Important Component In The Electronic Circuit. Practically Resistor Is Tow Terminal Passive Component Used For Opposed The Flow Of Current In Electronic¬† Circuit. Resistor Is Also Used To Adjust The Signal Level, … Read more

What is the transistor- brief explanation | Uses of Transistor

pnp transistor working

Hey guys, Welcome back to Techatronic. we are here with another informatic article. Today’s topic is very important if you are an electronic student. we will discuss what is a transistor. The name transistor is very common in the Electronics field. This gonna be the complete article read the full article we will share all … Read more

What is Voltage Brief description

what is voltage

What is Voltage? So, here we are discussing here What is Voltage?¬† Voltage is also known as the potential difference between the two terminals. the charge difference between both terminals. Voltage is actually the pressure applies over the charger to flow in the path. Voltage is what pushes electrons around a circuit. we also have … Read more

Radar using Arduino & Ultrasonic sensor

Radar using Arduino and Ultrasonic sensor Radar using Arduino and ultrasonic sensor is a very good project in the electronic branch. It can detect any object in the path with the help of an ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic sensors rotate over the servo motor and almost cover all directions in rotatory motion. There is processing software … Read more

what is an electric circuit basic electronic

What is an electric circuit? When we turn off light always think about how to travel the electricity from switch to bulb. in our 9th standard, we got to know what is an electric circuit but somewhere we have some confusion on the same topic and it is the 1st step to know about the … Read more