transistor amplifier Circuit Using BC547 Transistors

audio amplifier

Hey guys, hope you are doing fine. Have you ever seen the circuits of the amplifiers or the home theater that is used for playing the music? Do you want to make the same circuit for playing music? In this article, we are going to make a transistor amplifier using two bc547 transistors to make BJT as … Read more



Hello Tech folks, Today we’re going to discuss another article on basic electronics. Transformers are an important component when working with electronics. You may seem this to be confusing, but it is true. Transformers are used in various aspects of electronics either to deliver power, convert voltages (large difference), Amplifiers, etc. They are rather simple … Read more



Hey Guys, I’m here with another article on Basic electronics. Today we’re going to discuss Electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is a very common topic that is discussed in electronics in about every task from designing circuits on a breadboard to on PCB. Also, while working with hall-effect devices and modules. Electromagnetism is responsible for electromagnetic induction and … Read more

Cell Phone Signal Jammer Using 555 IC

cell phone signal jammer

Hey techies, welcome back to Techatronic. Are you aware of the jammer used for blocking a particular type of signal? In this article, we are going to make a portable mini circuit for a cell phone signal jammer by using some passive elements and a 555 timer ic.  We are using a 555 timer ic … Read more

555 Timer IC | NE555

Hey Hobbyist, I’m here with another important Basic Electronic article. Today we’re going to discuss about 555 Timer IC or NE555. It is very common and mostly used IC in various circuits and schematics. As its wide range of usability and compatibility, Also its more range of operating voltage and various other feature makes it … Read more

Op-Amp | Operational Amplifiers

Hello Guys, I’m back again with another interesting article on Basic Electronics. Today I’m going to open up the topic about Op-Amp. Operational amplifiers are a very important topic in basic electronics and are also needed in developing your own circuits. These types of IC’s are not only very easily available but also available in … Read more

Diode | Explanation | Types

Hello Learners, This is a Basic Electronic Series article. So today I’m going to give you a brief description of DIODE. Diodes are of various types and of various use, but careful knowledge about them is a must. So in this session, we’ll cover Working, Types, and Examples. If you’re a beginner, then for sure … Read more