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Basics Electronics

In this Category We are providing all the information, working principles and fundamental of Basic electronics such as resistor, capacitors, transistor, sensor , microcontrollers , etc. we have 200+ articles on this category which give you all the information about such things.


If you are learning or making your own project you need to know some basic as i mention in my all of the project. if you don’t know the basic you can’t progress on your project or work. That’s why we made this basic electronics category.

If you are making you mini or major project you need some basic in your each project. like if you are making an automatic street light you need to know about the LDR and it’s basic. if you know about the LDR what is it and how does it work then you will make your project easily. Everytime you should have basic electronic knowledge.

NPN Transistor Working
NPN Transistor Working

If we see is seriously basic electronics are the building blocks of electronic circuits and very useful to the design and operation of many electronic systems. By understanding the function and application of each component, you can start to make and build your own electronic circuits and systems.

We also shared the information about the various physics term which uses in the electronics such as ohm’s lay, Kirchoff law. what is the circuit and types of circuit each and everything we have discovered in our website. so, you will be clear about the circuit , electronic and many other things if you go through these of basic electronics.


In addition, basic electronics includes the study of digital electronics, which involves the use of digital signals to represent information and perform logical operations. This includes the study of digital logic gates, sequential logic circuits, and microprocessors, which are used in a wide range of electronic systems and devices, including computers, communication systems, and consumer electronics.