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What is I2C Protocol | i2c protocol working | Application

Welcome back to another interesting article based on the Basic Electronic section. Today we’re gonna talk about the I2C protocol, which is also a quite popular communication method between devices. I2C, Inter-Integrated Circuit is one of the most common and easy types of communication used in today’s electronics because this communication uses only two wires. … Read more

What is Flex Sensor, Working and Constructions?

Flex sensor

Hey tech Folks, I’m back with another basic yet interesting article, and that is about the flex Sensor. Today we’re gonna learn about it in detail and see how and where we can use this in our projects. A flex sensor is generally a flexible strip of conductive ink and material that offers some resistance. … Read more

DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Working, construction, and Applications

The DS18B20 temperature sensor is the most used waterproof sensor used for measurements taken in water medium. We have made a brief introduction to this sensor such as its working, construction & Applications. This sensor is easily available in the market under the name of a Waterproof Temperature sensor. Its waterproof feature makes it unique … Read more

Sound Sensor

Sound sensor is the most basic sensor to start with, It is mostly used among hobbyist and professionals. So, here we are going to make an descrition on How sound sensor works, and how can we use this sensor in out applications. This is very simple sensor and is easily available either in the online … Read more

Stepper Motors

Hey There, I’m back with another interesting article on basic electronics. Today we’re going to discuss all types of stepper motors that I have used. so, everyone here wants to know what is the stepper motors. so, here we are going to make a full details article on the stepper motor, types of stepper motors, … Read more

What is Rectifier types of Rectifier with full detail

what is a rectifier

Hey geeks, welcome back to Techatronic. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of rectifier circuits. So before exploring the types let us first understand what is a rectifier circuit and where we use them. In your home mostly appliances need constant dc supply to work, like TV, audio systems, computers, etc. … Read more