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Blynk Smart Smoke Detector | MQ-2 Gas Sensor

smart smoke detector

Introduction Hey geeks, hope you are doing fine. We are sure that you saw smoke and fire detectors fitted in buildings to enhance security. We can call it smart as it automatically detects the smoke and sends an alert notification to our smart. hones. For controlling the MQ2 gas sensor we are using the Blynk … Read more

IoT Motion Detector With NodeMCU and Blynk

Introduction Hello guys, hope you doing fine. Did you know what is a PIR sensor and how it is used to make a security system? Well in this article we are going to make an IoT motion detector with NodeMCU and Blynk app. For making this we are using a NodeMCU esp8266 board and a … Read more

Blynk MQ3 Alcohol Sensor| Alcohol Detector IoT project

mq3 alcohol sensor

Introduction Hey techies, welcome back to Techatronic. Have you ever seen an alcohol detector IoT used to check the concentration of alcohol in the air? . We can see the readings taken by the MQ3 alcohol sensor in the blunk app. When the concentration of alcohol is excreted then the value set by us a … Read more

Blynk LPG Detector | Lpg Detector IoT project

Introduction Hi Guys, Hope you are doing well, and to cheer up your mood, I’m back with another interesting article on the IoT platform. Blynk LPG Detector is today’s target. I know many of you may find it simple and very easy. But Although it is simple, yet it is a very popular topic nowadays. … Read more

Blynk water level indicator

Welcome back, friends, I’m here with another interesting post on IoT. Blynk water level indicator is today’s topic. We’re going to make today a water level indicator using NodeMCU and an ultrasonic sensor. This is very simple and easy to set up things. Also, we are going to display and alert also control the pump … Read more

Blynk Ultrasonic sensor | HC-SR04

What’s up guys, I’m back with another interesting article on IoT project i.e., Blynk Ultrasonic Sensor. Today we’re going to talk about how can you check distance with Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04.  Also, we’ll directly display this on the Blynk App. This sensor is easily available in the market also it is very common and easy … Read more

Blynk Home Automation

Introduction Hey Hobbyist, Welcome back. I am back with another interesting IoT project. Today we gonna do home automation using Blynk App and NodeMCU. I hope you are familiar with Blynk App if not then see my previous article on it i.e., Pulse oximeter. So without wasting time let’s head on the Blynk home automation … Read more

smart farming using IoT

Introduction Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. This time we are with the latest project which could be a major project in the IoT section. This is smart farming using IoT in this project we will use the server to store the sensor data this is similar to our recent smart agriculture using IoT project. … Read more

Home Automation using IoT | IoT project

Hello techies, Welcome back to Techatronic. Home automation using IoT with the Blynk app is one of the easiest and popular projects in the IoT department. IoT is the branch of science in which we deal related to the internet things. Introduction IoT stands for the internet of things. And we are using the internet … Read more