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Automation Using TSOP 1738 Sensor And Arduino

Introduction Hey techies, welcome back to Techatronic. We are sure that you are aware of the term automation. This topic is in trend nowadays. So in this article, we are going to automate three LEDs using a TSOP 1738 sensor module and Arduino UNO. Make the circuit according to the given diagram and then upload … Read more

Weather Monitoring System using Arduino | Weather Station using NRF

weather monitoring system

Hello Techies, We are back with a new project which can help you in your home , office and many other place. this is our whether monitoring system using Arduino . in this project we are using Arduino as the main board which will process all the instruction. This weather monitoring system will monitor the … Read more

Arduino Servo Control Using Potentiometer

arduino servo control

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. In this post, we are going to make an Arduino servo control using a potentiometer. Well you can control a servo motor direct using any microcontroller board i.e. you don’t need any driver module for it, but only when you are using low power servo motor. We are using … Read more

ECE Final Year Project | Major Project for ECE Students

ece final year project

Hello everyone, Here we are going to share some of our latest ECE final year projects. which can help you to get the ideas for your project. also, for the students who are searching for the projects, we are providing the full details. Electronics and communication engineers can make the following projects. electronic and communication … Read more

Arduino Digital Clock with DS1307 and LCD Display

Introduction In this article, we will be making an Arduino Digital Clock project using the DS1307 RTC module. We will be using a 16×2 LCD display with an I2C interface to display the time and some other components. If you want to make your own DIY project, you can use the basic structure of this … Read more

Touchless Water Tap Using Arduino

Welcome to Techatronic. Are you in need of making a Touchless Water Tap using Arduino? In this article, we are going to make a Touchless Automatic Water Tap Using Arduino and some other components. We will also share the complete build guide which includes the Circuit Diagram and Arduino Code. on our website, We have … Read more

Human Following Robot Using Arduino | Best Arduino Robot

Arduino robot | Human following robot

Hello Techies, Today we are making a very interesting and trending project here which is a Human Following robot. a robot that follows the human-like puppy. in this project you will learn a lot of things like the ultrasonic Arduino interface, working with the Arduino motor shield, and much more. So we are going to … Read more