DF Player mini With Arduino | Mini MP3 player Arduino

DF Player mini With Arduino
Hey guys, welcome back to thee techatronic, The usage of music, sound , audio file can be integrate with the ...
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Advance Smart Irrigation Project with Guide Rail | movable Pump Smart Irrigation

Advance Smart Irrigation Project
Hey Guys, Welcome back to the Techatronic. Today we are doing a very interesting project. Although we have made an ...
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LED VU Meter using Arduino Uno | Arduino Music Control LED Light

LED VU meter using Arduino
Hey guys welcome back to the Techatronic. So today we are making a project which can be used at many ...
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Automatic School Bell Arduino Project| Time Table Bell Alarm

Automatic school Bell project
Automatic school Bell project is very useful project which can be use in school as well as in college. Hey ...
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DC motor Direction Control | Direction Control using Arduino

dc motor direction control
Hey guy, welcome back to Techatronic, there is many applications where we need to DC motor direction control for example ...
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How to Make Automatic Stair Lights | Motion Sensor Stair lights

automatic stair lights
In this Modern Time, all we know is that everything is modern and techy. we see many things in our ...
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Air Quality Monitoring System Project | AQI Monitoring

air quality monitoring system project
Hey guys, welcome back to the Techatronic. Today we are going to make an Air Quality monitoring system project with ...
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How to operate TM1637 with Arduino | 4 digit seven segment display

TM1637 with Arduino
There is a lot of seven-segment display in the market and it’s widely used into the electronics as well as ...
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NRF Remote Control | NRF 24L01 Remote for Rc Car Plane

NRF 24L01 Remote Control for RC Car
Hey geeks welcome back to the techatronic. This time we have made this great project which is NRF Remote control ...
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Keyless bike Project using Arduino and Android app

Keyless bike Project
Wanna start your bike without a key? Yes, we have made a project for all tech enthusiasts who wanna integrate ...
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