Raspberry Pi Servo Control

servo pi

Hi there, I hope you find my previous post interesting and knowledgeable. So today I am back with another useful tutorial on raspberry pi. Raspberry Pi servo control. You all are familiar with servo motor, if someone is not then google it and see its working principle. In short words, it is a motor that … Read more

Raspberry Pi GPIO | Configure LED

Hello Tech Folks, I am here with you with some of basic tutorials of Raspberry Pi. Today we gonna configure a led and see how we can use Raspberry Pi GPIO pins along with its complete pinout. So let’s continue to our topic. Wait a minute for your convenience, I must tell you that I … Read more

Raspberry Pi motor control

Raspberry Pi motor control

Hey Friends, I am back again with another tutorial based on Raspberry Pi. Today we gonna discuss how to control a motor of any type (not stepper) with Raspberry Pi. Modules like L293D and L298n are very common for controlling motors. So to ease the task we are gonna use them with Raspberry pi and … Read more

Raspberry Pi with IR Sensor

Hi Tech Freaks, I’m back with another interesting and important tutorial based on Raspberry Pi. So, today we gonna see how we can connect Raspberry Pi with IR Sensor. IR sensor is a very common sensor to use and make projects but it is not easy to use it with Raspberry Pi. So, to ease … Read more