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What is Raspberry Pi? Raspberry pi working, Construction & Features.

raspberry pi

Hey guys, Welcome back to the Techatronic. Raspberry pi is the microprocessor and is used in many applications such as in development, learning, and prototype product. Also, many companies use raspberry pi in their industrial application. Raspberry pi has many launched many versions of its first variant. So, here in this article, we gonna explain … Read more

Raspberry Pi PICO LCD | Raspberry Pi PICO I2C LCD | Ras Pi PICO Tutorial

Hi There, I’m back with another important and interesting article on Using raspberry pi pico LCD. Today we’re going to discuss Interfacing I2C 16 × 2 I2C LCD with Pi PICO. LCD is important for displaying information in a visual format for prototyping and also for projects. But you all may be familiar with using … Read more

Interfacing DHT11 with Raspberry pi pico | Raspi Pico with DHT11 sensor

Hello Folks, Welcome back to another interesting article on Raspberry Pi PICO. In this article, we’ll discuss Interfacing DHT 11 Sensor with Raspberry Pi PICO. DHT 11 sensor is very famous for collecting data about temperature and humidity near you. This is very easy to hook up to any Boards like Arduino also to Raspberry … Read more

How to Connect DHT11 with Raspberry Pi?

Hello Guys, I’m back with another interesting Tutorial on Raspberry Pi. In this article, we’ll discuss interacting DHT11 with Raspberry Pi and see it working using Python code. Also, we’ll display real-time Data on the 16×2 LCD. The code and explanation used in the code will be explained further below also all the modules regarding … Read more

ultrasonic sensor with raspberry pi

Hey Folks, I’m back with another tutorial based on Raspberry Pi in Python. Today we’re going to discuss the Ultrasonic sensor with Raspberry Pi. ultrasonic sensor is very important in the task of distance measuring and obstacle avoiding tasks and projects. But until now, you’ve only discussed its Arduino tutorial, which you can view by … Read more

sound sensor with raspberry pi | Python Tutorial | Digital Value

sound sensor with raspberry pi

Hello Guys, Today I’m demonstrating another tutorial on Raspberry Pi which is a sound sensor with raspberry pi | Python Tutorial | Digital Value. The sound sensor is very common among beginners and hobbyists to create some basic stuff like VU meter and music reactive led. We’ll also see towards these types of projects, but … Read more

Pi Pico Rotary Encoder

Pi PICO Rotary Encoder

Hey there Folks, I am back again with another article on Raspberry Pi PICO, Micropython Tutorial. Today we are going to discuss, how we can connect a rotary encoder with Pi PICO and grab the values from it. It is very simple demonstration and program which output numbers, further you can also use its core … Read more

SSD1306 Oled Raspberry Pi

Hey Guys, welcome back to my posts. Today I’m gonna discuss a very important tutorial with you. We are going to interface SSD1306 OLED with Raspberry Pi. We gonna use SPI communication between OLED and PI to send data. Also all code and libraries used included and steps to obtain it are given. So, without … Read more

ST7789 Raspberry PI | 240 x 240 | SPI

Hello there, Today I’m back with another tutorial on TFT display with Raspberry Pi. Today we gonna do ST7789 with Raspberry Pi. Programming and code will be done in Python. We will use the most basic version of TFT available. I have also demonstrated its tutorial on Raspberry Pi Pico also. if you want you … Read more

SSD1306 Raspberry Pi Pico

oled with raspberry pi pico

Hello Hobbyist, Today I’m going to demonstrate SSD1306 with Raspberry Pi Pico. Pico is recently launched and it’s libraries are not that developed. But today we are going to perform connecting this Oled to pico via SPI communication. All code and libraries are given so don’t worry. Let’s Begin then Pi PICO: Raspberry Pi Pico … Read more