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What is Raspberry Pi? Raspberry pi working, Construction & Features.

Hey guys, Welcome back to the Techatronic. Raspberry pi is the microprocessor and is used in many applications such as in development, learning, and prototype product. Also, many companies use raspberry pi in their industrial application. Raspberry pi has many launched many versions of its first variant. So, here in this article, we gonna explain what is raspberry pi & everything about the raspberry pi. Raspberry pi pins, working, construction, applications, and many more thing to complete.

Raspberry pi has been developed for study and research purposes. also, today raspberry pi is used to learn Coding, programming, ML, and AI. There is a Robot name “INAAYA “Developed by Mr. Satyam Singh. He is a researcher and developer. We will share some images of the same robot in the last part of the Article.

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what is raspberry pi

Raspberry pi was invented by the Raspberry pi foundation in 2009 and it was developed to promote computer science study in schools and colleges. The raspberry pi foundation is a nonprofitable charitable company that works on the raspberry pi. The foundation invented the single-board computer. they only want to advance computer science basic education in children and adults.

There are basically 6 big names among the founders of Raspberry pi. Eben Upton, Alan Microsoft, David Braben, Pete Lomas, Jack Lang & Rob Mullins. They are all the founders, and inventors of this Raspberry pi foundation.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry pi is the Microprocessor if we write in one line. If you are from an engineering background then you must know about microcontrollers and microprocessors. There are many definitions of what is Raspberry pi let me write all those here.

what is raspberry pi 4
  1. The Raspberry Pi is a small size computer like a Credit card size which comes at a very low cost. that allows you to connect it to the computer, monitor a TV, and also you can attach a keyboard mouse to it to run it. It is a capable small device that helps to explore computing for all ages. and that helps you to learn the languages like Scratch and Python. It can do all that you’d anticipate that a PC should do, from perusing the web and playing top-quality videos, to making bookkeeping sheets, word handling, and messing around.
  2. Raspberry pi is a single-board computer that has a series of different variants and versions. It is from the category of SBC. the raspberry pi was invented and developed by the Foundation from the US which is the Raspberry pi foundation with Broadcom. and the purpose of developing this device is to promote the study and development of the country.

So, here the conclusion is that the Raspberry pi device was invented to promote the study and learning in computer science, robotics, hardware interface, and many more topics.

Raspberry Pi Series & Generation

There are Three Series of Raspberry pi and all series have their own generation. All the series have their own specification. so, if you are confused select the version first to understand your requirement. Then you can easily select the right device according to your requirement which can be size efficient and cost-effective. Raspberry pi is the most common series in all. Which gives you all the options to integrate the device. and if you want to learn Raspberry pi here are the tutorial and projects. So, here we are giving all the information about all the Series and generations below paragraphs.

Raspberry pi Series, Raspberry pi generation

1. Raspberry Pi

Raspberry pi Model B was released in 2012 by the raspberry pi foundation. It was similar to its A model. after that in 2014, The company again launched the Model B with an improved design and named it Raspberry pi model B+. So, all these Boards were featured by the ARM A11 processor. The company also launched the A+ & B+ model both models with improved design. So, now the question is what is raspberry pi A+ & B+. The raspberry pi foundation also release a special model for Embedded development have some special features.

Now in 2015, There is the 2nd generation of Ras pi has been released by the company. this time the raspberry pi is initially featured a 900 MHz 32-bit quad-core ARM A7 Cortex processor. which is 2 times faster than the previous one.

Raspberry pi 3 Model B was released in 2016 have to features a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor (Cortex A53 ). This time Model 3 has Wifi 802.11, Bluetooth, and USB capabilities. In 2018 the raspberry pi foundation has been released as the New Raspberry pi model 3B+ which is powered by a faster 1.4 GHz processor which was more advanced than the previous one. this board has more features like POE, dual-band wifi 802.11, USB boot, and Network Boot.

In mid of 2019 Raspberry pi, 4 model B was launched with a lot of new feature-loaded. such as a 1.6 GHz Quad-core A-72 ARM Cortex processor with wifi, Bluetooth, and gigabyte ethernet two USB 2.0 ports, and 2 USB 3.0 port is also updated. 1-8 GB RAM variant and also it supported a dual monitor via HDMI. the 1 GB variant has been discontinuous and the 2 GB variant of Raspberry pi 4 has the price dropped. Raspi 4 is powered by a USB type c port. Here we have some latest projects on Raspberry pi 4. The processing speed is faster too so, you can make heavy projects on Raspi 4 Such as Smart Irrigation system Raspberry Pi

There is one more version of Raspberry pi 4 which is the same as the pi 4 but with some advance added features. Raspberry pi 400 is the name of this special edition of the raspberry pi. this has an attached keyboard. there is some advanced feature like a cooling system and an attached keyboard.

2. What is Raspberry Pi Zero

Raspberry pi Zero has been launched in 2015 November. This is the smaller version of the Raspberry pi with a less number of Input / Output (I/O) and General purpose I/O. This version is for projects where you have limited space and fewer numbers of peripherals.

Raspberry pi Zero has Its own 4 Version itself.

Raspberry pi Zero W was launched in February 2017 this version of raspi has Bluetooth, and wifi Capabilities.

Raspberry pi Zero WH was launched in January 2018 this version has pre-soldered GPIO Headers.

Raspberry pi Zero 2 W was launched in October 2021 This system has a SIP system which was similar to raspi 3. This system is 64-bit capable.

What is Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry pi Pico was launched in 2021 january. It was the first Single chip microcontroller by the raspberry pi. There is raspi pico is powered by 256kb of RAM and 2mb of flash memory. Which can be programmed by the following languages. Micropython, Circuit python and C language. The raspberry pi pico has its own memory so, you do not need to inser the Rom or any othermemory to te system. if you want to learn the Raspberry pi pico the we have a list of Raspberry p pico tutorial on our website just go and check there.

Comparison Between the models.

Raspberry pi models

Raspberry pi Hardware

The Raspberry pi hardware has been improved in each generation and series in terms of Processor, Features like wifi, bluetooth , GPIO, Connectors, peripherals. so , there is a lot of things in the hardware which evolved by the generation and series. The processor speed is imroved from 1st to 4 version of raspi. Rasperry pi A has the 700 MHZ frequency but now a days the raspberry pi has more than the 1.5 GHZ clock speed which is very fast in terms of Single Chip. Raspberry pi has the range of RAM from 256 mb to 8 gb. 256 mb RAM was the first and lowest RAM in raspberry pi. and now Raspi has the 8gb of RAM. so, now you can run the multiple program simultaneously.

the processing speed of raspberry pi has been improved from each of the version. as i have mention in previous paragraph first raspi has the 700 mhz and now we can avail the raspi upto 1.6 Ghz. in raspberry pi first generation they used the Broadcom BCM2835 SoC. which consist 700 MHz ARM A11 processor. there are two level cache 1st has the 16kb and second have the memory of 128kb. ARM1176JZ is the same chip which was used in iphone previously with the higher clock rate.

Now, the latest raspberry pi have the Broadcom BCM2711 SoC with 1.5 ghz processor which is really faster. after some time they also increase this clock speed to 1.8 GHz. The amazing chip was powered with 64bit ARM Cortex A72 processor. Which is three time more faster than the raspberry pi 3

the same Broadcom BCM2835 SoC was used in the pi zero version. and having the speed of 1 GHz.

The Raspberry Pi Pico uses the RP2040 running at 133 MHz.

Here you can learn a lot about the Raspi we have uploaded the Raspberry pi Basic tutorial article as well as the project on Raspberry pi.

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