Raspberry Pi PICO LCD | Raspberry Pi PICO I2C LCD | Ras Pi PICO Tutorial

Hi There, I’m back with another important and interesting article on Using raspberry pi pico LCD. Today we’re going to discuss Interfacing I2C 16 × 2 I2C LCD with Pi PICO. LCD is important for displaying information in a visual format for prototyping and also for projects. But you all may be familiar with using … Read more

Sound Sensor Pi PICO | raspberry pi pico tutorial

Hey Friends, I’m here to do another interesting tutorial on raspberry pi pico tutorial. Sound Sensor Pi PICO is today’s topic of discussion, in which well see how can we use the KY-038 sound sensor and Raspberry Pi PICO. The tutorial is based on Micropython also code is very simple to understand and make. We’ll … Read more

raspberry pi pico ultrasonic sensor | Raspberry pi Pico Tutorial

Hello Folks, I am back with another tutorial on Pi PICO based on MicroPython. Today we’re going to discuss interfacing the raspberry pi pico ultrasonic sensor also we’ll calculate distance using this. Ultrasonic sensors are of various and available in the market, but the one we’re going to use today is the very common one, … Read more

ST7789 Display Pi Pico

oled with raspberry pi pico

Hey Guys, Today I’m back with another interesting example on Raspberry Pi Pico. ST7789 display Pi Pico, In this we’ll discuss how we can hook our ST7789 display to pico. I have also done a tutorial of the same display on raspberry pi. So if you are interested in that then click here. So let’s … Read more