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Seven Segment Display With ESP8266 Nodemcu | esp8266 tutorial

Introduction Hello geeks, hope you are doing fine. Have you ever seen a seven-segment display? Well if you want to learn the working of a seven-segment display and to display the numbers on it then read the full article carefully. In this article, we are using a nodemcu development board to operate the seven-segment display. … Read more

Nodemcu Tutorial On Water Level Sensor | NodeMCU Tutorial

Introduction Hi techies, hope you are doing fine. In this article, we are going to discuss the working of an RGB LED module and water level senor with the nodemcu. Well, what if we combine these two modules in a single project? So keeping this in mind we made a water level indicator system using … Read more

ESP8266 with servo motor | Control servo motor with esp8266

Introduction Hey geeks, hope you are doing fine. Are you familiar with the working of a servo motor? If not then this article is for you in which we are going to teach you how to Control servo motor with esp8266 using a nodemcu IoT development board. Servo motor is different from an ordinary DC motor … Read more

Blynk Smart Smoke Detector | MQ-2 Gas Sensor

smart smoke detector

Introduction Hey geeks, hope you are doing fine. We are sure that you saw smoke and fire detectors fitted in buildings to enhance security. We can call it smart as it automatically detects the smoke and sends an alert notification to our smart. hones. For controlling the MQ2 gas sensor we are using the Blynk … Read more

IoT Motion Detector With NodeMCU and Blynk

Introduction Hello guys, hope you doing fine. Did you know what is a PIR sensor and how it is used to make a security system? Well in this article we are going to make an IoT motion detector with NodeMCU and Blynk app. For making this we are using a NodeMCU esp8266 board and a … Read more