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WiFi Controlled Robot | NodeMCU esp8266

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. Are you searching for a robot that can be controlled using wifi without the internet? If so then follow the procedure that we are going to discuss for making wifi controlled robot using a NodeMCU esp8266 IoT development board. Before starting set up your Arduino IDE to upload the code in NodeMCU. You can control this robot with the help of an IP address. The robot can move in different directions. You can control the direction of the robot by tapping on the given buttons. Also, check different projects on IoT made by us. For controlling the wheels we are using an L298N motor driver module. You can also check out the mobile phone-controlled SPY robot.

How Does it Work?

You have to write your network’s (mobile hotspot) SSID and PASSWORD in the given code so that NodeMCU can connect to it. The NodeMCU will generate an IP address which you can see on the serial monitor screen. Note this IP address and write it inside the box which you can see in the image given below. Also, check our human following robot.

The robot will move according to the buttons on which you are tapping. It can move forwards, backward, left, and right. Just switch on your robot and enjoy it.

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