Blynk water level indicator

Blynk water level indicator

Welcome back, friends, I’m here with another interesting post on IoT. Blynk water level indicator is today’s topic. We’re going to make today a water level indicator using NodeMCU and an ultrasonic sensor. This is very simple and easy to set up things. Also, we are going to display and alert also control the pump … Read more

IoT Weather Monitoring System

IoT Weather Monitoring System

Hi there Folks, Welcome to my other interesting post on IoT which is IoT Weather Monitoring System. As the name suggests, it tells us weather conditions in our nearby environment. It tells Temperature, Humidity, and Rainfall in our local area. But the condition can be viewed anywhere in the world through Blynk App. It can … Read more

Blynk Home Automation

Introduction Hey Hobbyist, Welcome back. I am back with another interesting IoT project. Today we gonna do home automation using Blynk App and NodeMCU. I hope you are familiar with Blynk App if not then see my previous article on it i.e., Pulse oximeter. So without wasting time let’s head on the Blynk home automation … Read more

IoT based Smart Irrigation

Hey Folks, I’m back again with a very interesting and almost most useful project related to irrigation. IoT-based smart irrigation. People who love gardening feel it very annoying to go every day for the status of their plants. So today we gonna demonstrate how you can get the real-time status of your garden with the … Read more

Pulse oximeter NodeMCU

Welcome back guys, Today I’m here with another new IoT based project but it is not based on Raspberry Pi. It’s on NodeMCU. Pulse oximeter NodeMCU is a project based on ESP8266MOD. It is a Wi-Fi chip and can be controlled or accessed from anywhere from world through Internet connection. What is NodeMCU? If you … Read more

smart farming using IoT

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. This time we are with the latest project which could be a major project in the IoT section. This is smart farming using IoT in this project we will use the server to store the sensor data this is similar to our recent smart agriculture using IoT project. but … Read more

Smart agriculture using IoT

smart agriculture using iot

smart agriculture means we don’t need to observe all the thing by your self here many things you can rest on the Smart agriculture using IoT system. where you can observe these things on your mobile phone. such as soil moisture, water, and many other things. IoT projects are in trending nowadays. we are having … Read more

IoT Projects for final year – IR sensor Notification IoT

Hey guys, welcome back to Our website again. we have the latest IoT project for final year. Final year students search for the idea on IoT project for these guys we uploaded this video. simple we are uploading the data on the server. the server is the storage where we store the data in real-time. … Read more