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What is Force Sensor? Construction, working of Force sensor

Force sensors are used to either detect the pressure or weight of an object which can be detected by any microcontroller through ADC. So, if you are looking to know what is force sensor you will get the full information about the sensor Introduction This is the most basic sensor you’ll come across through whenever … Read more

What is Rain Sensor? Rain sensor explanation, Working & Uses

Rain Drop Sensor Rain Sensor is a simple sensor that gives digital output. This sensor is very common for detecting rains, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. These type of sensor are easily available in the online and offline market at a very cheap price or can be built easily for large scale purpose. It … Read more

RFID RC522 Module | RFID Sensor | Working | Description

RFID Module RFID Sensor is the most common sensor used for security and authentication purposes. It is rather cheap than other biometrics projects sensors which are used nowadays. This sensor is rather very interesting to other sensors which we have explained so far. It packages or in the box contents are RC522 Main Sensor, RF … Read more

Soil Moisture Sensor Working, explanation, Schematic

The soil moisture sensor is mainly used in agriculture or farming-related projects & is very popular among hobbyists. some of the students still don’t know what is a soil moisture sensor. so, here we are giving a brief introduction to the sensor. Introduction This sensor comes in 2 parts, one is the main board and … Read more

Light Dependent Resistor | LDR sensor | Photoresistor

ldr sensor

LDR sensor is very simple and easy to use for a beginner. It is the best sensor to start working with the analog value with any microcontroller LDR stands for the light-dependent resistor. and here we are explaining what is LDR with full detail. Introduction The LDR sensor is available very easily in the market … Read more

What is Ultrasonic Sensor | Ultrasonic Sensor Working | HC SR04

What is Ultrasonic Sensor and HC SR-04 So finally, Today we’re going to discuss a very important and interesting article, i.e., What is Ultrasonic Sensor?. Ultrasonic Sensor is the most widely used sensor for measuring distance and performing task which are related to ultrasonic sensor. So, in this article we will explain what is ultrsonic … Read more

What is an IR Sensor? IR sensor working | IR Circuit and explanation with advantages and disadvantages

IR SENSOR IR Sensor stands for Infrared Sensor. INFRARED, this term might be familiar with some people, but if you aren’t. Then I may tell you that it is a type of light spectrum which is mostly used in transmission of data or better data transmission rate and wireless transmission. But here, or in this … Read more