DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Working, construction, and Applications

The DS18B20 temperature sensor is the most used waterproof sensor used for measurements taken in water medium. We have made a brief introduction to this sensor such as its working, construction & Applications.

  • This sensor is easily available in the market under the name of a Waterproof Temperature sensor. Its waterproof feature makes it unique from others.
  • Also, this sensor comes in a wire-like shape with a metal end, where the temperature is measured(for conduction). The wire is made of tough material and is very durable in any situation.
  • This sensor also can measure the soil temperature also we know this sensor as a soil temperature measuring sensor.
  • Apart from this, it can also be used to check the temperature of the surface of something. Like while using a hot air gun, you can use this to measure the temperature of PCB.
  • Also, as the sensing area is of the metal surface, you can put this in direct contact with the measuring body. The wires can be extended for a long range without any disturbance in value, unlike other thermostats.
ds18b20 temperature sensor


  • The construction of the sensor is very simple as seen from the outside. As I haven’t opened or teardown the sensor yet, so can’t confirm its internal schematic.
  • The sensing area or the sensing end is converted with metal to make the conduction of heat more efficient. A cable runs through the metal end, which has 3 wires within it.
  • PInout for the sensor wires, and it’s working with microcontrollers, is in the project description. The ability provided is of good quality but try to keep the cable away from intense heat (>75℃) as it may meltdown.
  • The only drawback of the sensor is that once it is worn out, then it doesn’t have any replaceable parts. You have to change the sensor in all.


  • The working of DS18B20 Temperature sensor is more or less based on programming. The sensor has only one-wire data communication with programmable bit resolution.
  • The sensor which is visible as a cable actually is a transistor-type component, enclosed into a metal covering. More information about the device is in its datasheet, so refer to it.
  • Its working is similar to the DHT11 or DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor, which I have already completed in this series.
  • As it has of 3 to 5.5V voltage level, it can easily be interfaced with any microcontroller. But it might need a library or module for effortless ds18b20 working, like huge code and loops.
  • The waterproof temperature sensor gives both temperatures in a single term/line, so we have to separate them by using their index. Also, the data line needs to be pull-up as the idle state of the one-wire communication is high so if no data is being read through the sensor the pin remains high indicating the idle state.


  • The main advantage of DS18B20 Temperature sensor is its size of the sensor, It is so small and compact that it can be used almost everywhere.
  • Secondly, the metal covering which protects it from environmental factors like heat direct heat, and water also acts as a conducting part for the overall temperature sensor.
  • Mostly, its single pin data output makes it the most used sensor after DHT11, which can measure temperature and humidity at the same time.
  • The durability of the overall structure is very good as compared to other temperature sensors in the market which need to be kept in an isolated environment to avoid any miscalculation of the values.


  • Though the sensor is highly durable, it has no scope for the replacement of the worn-out part, so it is a bit costly to buy a whole new sensor if something goes wrong.
  • Secondly, as the data is transmitted over a single wire, then a delay of approx 2 sec must be made between two consecutive data reads. Else the microcontroller will not get any reading and show that no sensor is connected to the pin similar to the case of DHT11 sensor.

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ds18b20 temperature sensor


Q. What is the working voltage and the logic level of the DS18B20 Temperature sensor?

The working voltage level of the sensor is 3V-6V and is the same as the output logic level of the sensor. But the data line needs to be pull-up to the highest voltage level of the microcontroller.

Q. Can this DS18B20 sensor be used to measure human body temperature?

You can try to use this sensor for measuring human body temperature, but it might not be as accurate as that of a Mercury thermometer. Because the rate of conduction of Mercury is much higher than that of other metals, so the result might not be accurate or take time to show the correct value.

ds18b20 temperature sensor

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