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What is Raspberry Pi? Raspberry pi working, Construction & Features.

raspberry pi

Hey guys, Welcome back to the Techatronic. Raspberry pi is the microprocessor and is used in many applications such as in development, learning, and prototype product. Also, many companies use raspberry pi in their industrial application. Raspberry pi has many launched many versions of its first variant. So, here in this article, we gonna explain … Read more

Raspberry Pi PICO LCD | Raspberry Pi PICO I2C LCD | Ras Pi PICO Tutorial

Hi There, I’m back with another important and interesting article on Using raspberry pi pico LCD. Today we’re going to discuss Interfacing I2C 16 × 2 I2C LCD with Pi PICO. LCD is important for displaying information in a visual format for prototyping and also for projects. But you all may be familiar with using … Read more

UART Protocol


Hello Friends, welcome back to another informational post on the basic electronics section. Today I’m going to discuss the UART protocol, which is quite popular among beginners and hobbyists. Among many communications like SPI, I2C, I2S, and many others, the most highly used either knowingly or unknowingly is UART Communication, which is used by almost … Read more

What is SPI Protocol it’s working | SPI communication Protocol

spi protocol

Hi there, I’m back with another interesting article, on Basic Electronics. Today we are going to discuss SPI Protocol along with its composition and transmission process. We used the SPI communication protocol in many places where we have to control many devices using a single master device. for example, if you have to broadcast the … Read more

What is I2C Protocol | i2c protocol working | Application

Welcome back to another interesting article based on the Basic Electronic section. Today we’re gonna talk about the I2C protocol, which is also a quite popular communication method between devices. I2C, Inter-Integrated Circuit is one of the most common and easy types of communication used in today’s electronics because this communication uses only two wires. … Read more