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Arduino Based Piano Using Push Buttons | Arduino mini projects

arduino based piano

Introduction Hey geeks, welcome back to Techatronic. Are you searching for the procedure to make an electric piano? Well if so then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to make a Piano Arduino mini-project. For making this project we are using a buzzer to obtain the output sound and … Read more

Smart Blind Stick Using Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

smart blind stick

Introduction Hey techies, welcome back to Techatronic. In this article, we are going to make a Smart Blind Stick Using Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor. Blind peoples have to face many challenges in their life, one of them is finding their way on the streets. On the streets, there are so many vehicles and obstacles that … Read more

Ultrasonic Range Finder Using Arduino and LCD

Introduction In this article, we will discuss how Ultrasonic Range Finder can be made using Arduino and 16X2 LCD display. If you are new in this field and want to know more about Arduino, please check out here. Arduino is a development board that uses ATmega328p IC for its functioning. you can find many types … Read more

Blynk Home Automation

Introduction Hey Hobbyist, Welcome back. I am back with another interesting IoT project. Today we gonna do home automation using Blynk App and NodeMCU. I hope you are familiar with Blynk App if not then see my previous article on it i.e., Pulse oximeter. So without wasting time let’s head on the Blynk home automation … Read more

Arduino Digital Clock with DS1307 and LCD Display

Introduction In this article, we will be making an Arduino Digital Clock project using the DS1307 RTC module. We will be using a 16×2 LCD display with an I2C interface to display the time and some other components. If you want to make your own DIY project, you can use the basic structure of this … Read more

Rain sensor Arduino Mini Project

Introduction Suppose you are inside your house or you are sleeping and suddenly rain comes and you didn’t get up at that time and your clothes or some important things got wet. So to make people aware of the rain, today we are going to make an Arduino Mini Project rain sensor alarm that will … Read more