100+ Simple Arduino Project with code and circuit.

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. Arduino is one of the best microcontroller development boards to make the School project, engineering project we can make Arduino project easily if we have basic knowledge of electronics and coding. Also, we are giving you an Arduino Ebook in which 10 Arduino activity given. which will help you to learn basic electronics, Arduino Coding, Sensor interfacing, and much more. So, here we are sharing 100+ Arduino projects. which are in trending nowadays such as automatic hand sanitizer and much more. So, I hope this will help you a lot. we are giving you the short description and the project links.

Considering that you all know the essentials of Arduino-based projects, I will be mentioning some of the best from these  (or interesting) Arduino projects. You also can try to make these for yourself or modify them to come up with something of your own

Why Arduino Project?

Arduino is the easiest Controller to work with. You only need to know some basics of Arduino programming and basic electronics. So let’s start the Arduino today to make these projects. All the best for your project. if you do not find these projects interesting you can ask your project in the comment section. If you don’t have the components to make these projects you can buy Our Arduino starter kit which will help you to learn the Arduino basic programming and sensor interfacing.  the programming of the Arduino is very simple almost all the libraries available on the internet. So, you do not need to know high-level programming.

Arduino Project List

Here is giving you the List of the project. From where you can choose your interest-based project. we have shared all the detail and make sure you will make all this project this a little effort. I hope you all will learn a lot with this article. If you didn’t find your interest-based article you can comment.

Smart Irrigation System Arduino Based Project.

The smart irrigation project is one of the most popular projects in engineering. we have a lot of inquiries for this project. We will use some soil moisture sensors to sense the moisture content in the soil. because this project only works on soil moisture, so, we will use the same sensor and a water pump both devices will be connected to the Arduino and Arduino will decide to on the water pump according to the soil sensor output. This Arduino-based project is very simple and useful. we can use this project in our garden too.


Pulse rate monitoring system Simple Arduino Project. 

Pulse rate monitoring project and heart rate monitoring are two names of the same project. in this project, we use a pulse rate sensor to sense our pulse, and here all the work depends on the programming. programming is the most important part of this project. here we are given all the desired information. so, if you want to make this awesome project. definitely, this is a very interesting project. because you can monitor your pulse rate. try this project you will find it interesting definitely.


Line following robot Arduino project 

Line following robot is the most searched robot in Robotics nowadays. so, here we also posted the line following robot. in which we have used infrared sensor, Arduino, and motor driver. we have shared all the details you need to make this project. line follower car follows the black line. there is a white paper over this paper we made a black line this line followed by the robot. this is an amazing robot. here we also posted the video of the robot. This will help you to learn the Ir sensor interfacing, motor driver interfacing, and many more protocols and connections.

RFID Door  Security  System Arduino Uno Project

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. There are two devices one is an RFID reader and another is an RFID tag. and we will going to use this technology in this project to make a door security system. and we are going to make it with the Arduino. there are many students, who are searching for the same project. we have made this project with Arduino, solenoid lock, and relay. when you place the RFID card near to the reader the reader will read the information inside the card and Arduino compares this information with the given information inside the code. if the condition is true then the lock is open otherwise the lock will remain close.


Sign Language Translator Glove one of the Best Arduino Project

This is the best project which can help to our society the people who are not able to talk they can share their thought through this project. Sign language translates their thought with this amazing project. there is 5 flex sensor which is connected to the Arduino. the flex sensor is the variable resistor that changes the resistance by flex the sens0r. when we try to bend our finger the value will be changed and the Arduino sends the commands on the LCD screen. for example, if I bend my finger then the sentence on the LCD will be shown “I need food”. and if I bend my thumb then it will show “I need water”. the same condition will be applied for the rest of three fingers also.


Smart Dustbin Using Arduino – Arduino Project

In this Smart era, everything is going to smart. Each person avoids hard work and tends towards Smart work. so we made this awesome project. Dustbin automatically opens its lid when you come near to the dustbin. Easy and simple project. you need to connect the servo and ultrasonic which will be operated with the Arduino microcontroller. The ultrasonic sensor can sense the object near it. it transmits ultrasonic waves to detect the object. so full working of the project is given under the project. it is very simple just read the full article which consists of the principle, working and construction of the smart dustbin with Arduino.


Bluetooth RC Car- Latest Arduino Project 

This is a very interesting project for hobbyists and kids. Bluetooth Rc car is fun. you can control the robot with your mobile phone. there is an app that you can download from the given link and upload the code into the Arduino board. Bluetooth will be connected to the Arduino and the Motor also be connected to the Arduino. Many protocols and Programming you will learn from this project. the information sent by the cell phone to the Bluetooth module hc-05 which is associated with the Arduino and the Arduino takes choices as per the information got by means of Bluetooth. assuming you send guidance for left from your cell phone, the Arduino will send the guide to the engine to move the privilege.


Obstacle Avoiding Robot Arduino Based Project

In the Robotics categories, the obstacle-avoiding robot is one of the best projects. This is a smart car that detects the obstacle near the robot. this is an advanced robot. it does have a neck also which rotates and find out the space near the robot where it finds the more space there it will start the walk. we also embed the video in the project. from where you can get more information. An ultrasonic sensor having two sections one is a transmitter and another is the beneficiary that is known as a trigger and echoes. the trigger is the transmitter part and communicates the ultrasonic wave. another part that is beneficiary a reverberation get that transmitter ultrasonic waves sent from the trigger.


Password-Based door lock simple Arduino project

SO guys, if you are searching to make something for security and safety you can make this project instead of buying from the market. This will be cheap from the available in the market. this is interesting to make your own security system. there are some components which we will use in the project. Hex keypad, Arduino, relay, and solenoid lock. You need to type your passkey to open the lock if the passkey is right then the lock will open and if the passkey is not right then the lock remains close. on the off chance that we press the A key, the circuit underneath the catch will enact and send this data to the Arduino. before the keypress, all the circuit is killed. the line and section make the circuit.

Radar Project using Ultrasonic – Arduino Project

Radar or sonar! This basically works on the ultrasonic sensor that’s why we called it sonar but it’s working like Radar. so, we can also use both words. There is an ultrasonic sensor mounted over the Servo motor and the servo motor rotates according to the code and the ultrasonic sensor sends the signal continuously. there we also shared a video of the working which you may find interesting. so, make this awesome project with all given details. it perceives the article in the way and makes a red-influenced territory close to the item. along these lines, this is called radar and it deals with the Ultrasonic recurrence. it comprises an ultrasonic sensor mounted over the servo engine and associated with programming that shows the yield on the PC screen. the interface of this product is really equivalent to the Radar interface.


SO, here we have shared some headlines of the projects. for more than 100+ Arduino projects you can visit our website. in the blog section, there is a category name Arduino project. and if you want to learn Arduino you can buy our ebook.

Here we have also given how to upload the program and how to make the connection using a breadboard. so you do not need to go to another website you can find all the stuff on our website. you can visit our youtube channel where we have uploaded more than 100 projects for the students and the hobbyist person who are interested to make.




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