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Interfacing DHT11 with Raspberry pi pico | Raspi Pico with DHT11 sensor

Hello Folks, Welcome back to another interesting article on Raspberry Pi PICO. In this article, we’ll discuss Interfacing DHT 11 Sensor with Raspberry Pi PICO. DHT 11 sensor is very famous for collecting data about temperature and humidity near you. This is very easy to hook up to any Boards like Arduino also to Raspberry … Read more

ST7789 Display Pi Pico

oled with raspberry pi pico

Hey Guys, Today I’m back with another interesting example on Raspberry Pi Pico. ST7789 display Pi Pico, In this we’ll discuss how we can hook our ST7789 display to pico. I have also done a tutorial of the same display on raspberry pi. So if you are interested in that then click here. So let’s … Read more