100 Ohm Resistor | The most Usable Resistor in Electronics

Hey guys, welcome back to the Techatronic. so today we are talking about a very common and widely used register in electronics. 100 ohm resistor can be used in transistor radio Power Supply charger, LED microcontroller, microprocessor, laptops, micro oven oven, and in a washing machine.100 ohm resistors
100 ohm resistors can save It from over voltage and overcurrent

100 ohm resistor

To know more about the 100 ohm resistor we need to know first what are resistors and where they uses.

What are the Resistors?

The resistors are the electronics components which can protect the electronics components from the high current. also the resistors can be used in RC tank circuit. step down the voltage and many other uses. we have seen the resistors in transistor, radios, controllers, sensors , power supplies and many other electronics items.

What is a 100 ohm Resistor?

so, if you if you are making any Electronics project or product, you may need 100 over register. So now the question is how to identify register is hundred ohm or we can say how to recognise 100 ohm resistors, so we are going to share all the details by which you can know the register band of 100 ohm resistors

what is a resistor
what is a resistor

Is it easy to find hundred 100 ohm resistors near me so it’s making any project?

It is very tough to find out the resistor near us because it is very small and rarely buying component. so every time when I need this hundred ohm resistor, I need to go to the market or need to order it from online market, so it is not easy to find the under resistor near our home. Even you can find it on the local Electrician shop or electrical shop.

How to calculate 100 ohm resistors value on colour band?

as all we know there is some colour having some cold some tolerance and multiplication value, so if we need to know the resistance value by the calculation of band, we need to see the colour band chart. so we have shared the colour band chart here so everyone can calculate the rest value either it is 100 ohm resistors or 200 ohm that can be easily calculated by the colour band chart.

Resistor Color Calculator

Four Band Five Band

Here, I have given a resistor calculator. According to the Resistor calculator, the 100 ohm resistor colour band is Brown, Black, and Brown.

As you can see in the above given image the color code of a 100 ohm resistor.

Color code of 100 ohm resistor?

How to determine the resistance of a resistor using color code.

First we need to know how many color bands are there on a resistor. either it is 4 bands or 5 bands. if it is 4 bands. the mostly resistors are 4 bands. 1st band colour is the finest digit of numbers. 2nd color is the 2nd digit of numbers and 3rd band is the power of 10. and last band is denote to tolerance of the resistor. tolerance mean it may very from a particular percentage.

There are many type of resistor like variable resistor , sensor sensor, LDR light dependent resistor etc.

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