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Resistance Calculator By Colour Code | Calculate Resistor Value

Here, you can calculate all types of resistance using Colour Bands. the given calculator can be used to calculate the resistance of 4 bands and five bands.

When it turns to find out the resistor’s resistance we are always confused. How to Calculate Resistance of different Resistors. there are many ways to calculate. by the color code. but sometimes it may take time. that’s why we have now the calculator to calculate the resistance.

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Resistor Color Calculator

Four Band Five Band

How to Use Resistance calculator at Techatronic

Select the band of the resistor. here we have given both types of resistor band support. the resistor must be 4 bands or 5 bands.

Count the color band on the resistor if it has 4 bands select the 4 bands if it has 5 bands select the 5 bands.

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then, you have to select the first color of the resistor. It may be any color from VIBGYOR except Gold or Silver.

Now you have to select the other 2 or 3 bands too. depends on your resistor type.

Now select the 4 or 5th band which is tolerance.

now click on the Calculate button.

How to determine the Colour code. if you are from an electronics background you must know the BBROYGBVGW stands for Black Brown Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Gray White.

The first band determines the first number of the value 2nd band determines the second number of the value and 3 rd band determines the number of 10 multipliers. and gold, silver, and no color will determine the tolerance of the resistor.

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