what is a resistor

What is a Resistor? And It’s Basic Type.

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what is a resistor


Hello Guys, Welcome  To Techatronic with New Interesting Topic Which Is What Is a Resistor? And It’s Types, Basically, Resister Is the Important Component In The Electronic Circuit. Practically Resistor Is Tow Terminal Passive Component Used For Opposed The Flow Of Current In Electronic  Circuit. Resistor Is Also Used To Adjust The Signal Level, Bias Active Element And Terminate The Transmission Line. The Resistor Have Different Types As Show In Below



Consider A Water pipe As The Flow Of Current And It Will Be Bend At That Point It Will Be The Resistor. When It Will Bend Then The Flow Of Water Will Be Opposed And Passed Minimum Amount Of Water same Work As Resistor.

Shown In Fig



What Is a Resistor?

Resistors Are Used In All Electronic  Circuit And Many Electrical Ones All Working Of The Resistor Is Hidden On Its Name That Is Resist, The Flow Of Electricity. And This Operation Is Main Operation In All Over Electronic Circuit.

The Two Symbol Is Basically Shown In Theoretically, That Is New And Old As Shown In Fig.

The Symbol Is Shown Is IEC And IEEE Format Symbol. It Is Also Called As Fixed Resistor And The Main Important Thing is The Unite Of The Resistor Is Ohm, Ω  There Are Different Types Of resistors Some Are A Special Application so we can understand here what is a resistor?

Basic Types Of Resistor

There Is Two Basic Type Of Resistor one is Fixed And Another Is Variable.

1)Fixed Resistor

Fixed Resistors Are Widely Used In Electronic Circuit. That is It has been This Is Design By Its Fixed Value The Fixed type of Resistor Is Also Known As Carbon Composition Resistor. The  Structure  Of The Resistor Is Cylindrical Type. This Type Of The Resistor Is Design For The Specific Requirement Of The Circuit. The Value Of The Fixed Resistor Is Also Determine By Its Color Code That Is Printed On its Body.

The Calculation Of The Color Code Is Shown In The Below Fig

The Simple Technique TO Store The Whole Table In Our Mind To Calculate The  All Resistor Value By It’s Table .please Read The Sentence Carefully ‘B B ROY GET BEAUTIFUL VERY GOOD WIFE’. This Bold Text Indicate The Initial Of The Color.

2)Variable Resistor

Variable Resistor Is The Another Type Of The Resistor The Structure Of The Resistor Is Variable It Will Be Uses When In-Circuit The Situation Is Vary The Voltage And Current Then It Will Be Used. The Variable Resistor Is Also Known As Potentiometer. The Variable Resistor Is The Three Terminal Device Which Sliding And Rotating The Contact. The Symbol Of Variable Resistor Is Shown Below.



Ohm Law

The Resistor Has Been Calculated In Ohm. The Ohm Is Basically The Name Of a German Scientist. The Ohm Law Is Understand  In 1827. The Ohm says Ohm Law State That V=IR.

V=IR Mince The Voltage Is Equal To The Resistor And Current Flowing Through Circuit. The Ohm Law Uses In Three Way As Shown In fig. The Triangle Shown In Fig Is Very Useful For Better Understanding. Calculated The Resistor Value By The Ohm Law.

Example-Shown In Below Circuit Finds Us The Value Of Resistor By Using Ohm Law.

In-Circuit Shows The Voltage Of The Given Circuit Is 5volt And Current Is 1Ampere Resistor Calculated By Simple Formula That Is V=IR

Then Find Out The Resistor Equation Will Be R=V/I That Is 5/1=0.2Ohm The Value Of The Resistor Needed In-Circuit Is 0.2 Ohm. So The Ohm Law Play The Important Role In Resistor And Also Electronic Circuit.

Practically Give A Simple Circuit Much Time We Will Try Them In Our Home Consider The Simple Circuit For Better Understanding

In-Circuit Shown The Battery Is Not Connected Directly To The Resistor Because The Led Require Minimum Voltage Value And Battery Have High Voltage Value The The Value Of The Voltage Decreases Needed The Resistor I Hope You Has Better Understand about what is a resistor For This Information.

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