Sound Sensor Pi PICO | raspberry pi pico tutorial

Hey Friends, I’m here to do another interesting tutorial on raspberry pi pico tutorial. Sound Sensor Pi PICO is today’s topic of discussion, in which well see how can we use the KY-038 sound sensor and Raspberry Pi PICO. The tutorial is based on Micropython also code is very simple to understand and make. We’ll … Read more

raspberry pi pico ultrasonic sensor | Raspberry pi Pico Tutorial

Hello Folks, I am back with another tutorial on Pi PICO based on MicroPython. Today we’re going to discuss interfacing the raspberry pi pico ultrasonic sensor also we’ll calculate distance using this. Ultrasonic sensors are of various and available in the market, but the one we’re going to use today is the very common one, … Read more

ultrasonic sensor with raspberry pi

Hey Folks, I’m back with another tutorial based on Raspberry Pi in Python. Today we’re going to discuss Ultrasonic sensor with Raspberry Pi. ultrasonic sensor is very important in task of distance measuring and obstacle avoiding tasks and projects. But until now, you’ve only discussed its Arduino tutorial, which you can view by visiting Ultrasonic … Read more

sound sensor with raspberry pi | Python Tutorial | Digital Value

sound sensor with raspberry pi

Hello Guys, Today I’m demonstrating another tutorial on Raspberry Pi which is a sound sensor with raspberry pi | Python Tutorial | Digital Value. The sound sensor is very common among beginners and hobbyists to create some basic stuff like VU meter and music reactive led. We’ll also see towards these types of projects, but … Read more

SSD1306 Oled Raspberry Pi

Hey Guys, welcome back to my posts. Today I’m gonna discuss a very important tutorial with you. We are going to interface SSD1306 OLED with Raspberry Pi. We gonna use SPI communication between OLED and PI to send data. Also all code and libraries used included and steps to obtain it are given. So, without … Read more

ST7789 Raspberry PI | 240 x 240 | SPI

Hello there, Today I’m back with another tutorial on TFT display with Raspberry Pi. Today we gonna do ST7789 with Raspberry Pi. Programming and code will be done in Python. We will use the most basic version of TFT available. I have also demonstrated its tutorial on Raspberry Pi Pico also. if you want you … Read more

SSD1306 Raspberry Pi Pico

oled with raspberry pi pico

Hello Hobbyist, Today I’m going to demonstrate SSD1306 with Raspberry Pi Pico. Pico is recently launched and it’s libraries are not that developed. But today we are going to perform connecting this Oled to pico via SPI communication. All code and libraries are given so don’t worry. Let’s Begin then Pi PICO: Raspberry Pi Pico … Read more

Smart Irrigation system Raspberry Pi

Welcome back friends. Today I’m back again with  a complete project based on Raspberry Pi which is a further extension of one of my previous articles. Recently I published a tutorial on Raspberry Pi soil moisture sensor. I hope you have viewed it carefully. Then to make that in further extension I decided to build … Read more

Raspberry Pi soil moisture sensor

Welcome back Guys 👋. I hope you are finding my posts on Raspberry PI interesting. Let’s continue with today’s topic: Raspberry Pi Soil-Moisture sensor. Like other sensors based on LM393 it is also same but working and reading are a bit different. To know more about it and to see how it is hooked to … Read more

Getting started Raspberry Pi Pico | RP2040

Hello Guys, Today’s topic is not a tutorial but getting started Raspberry Pi Pico. RPI Pico is newly released Raspberry Pi development board. It has more feature than most of the models of Arduino. In this I’ll cover all specs, datasheet, pinout, software and also programming a simple blink LED program. If you want to … Read more