Smart agriculture using IoT


smart agriculture means we don’t need to observe all the thing by your self here many things you can rest on the Smart agriculture using IoT system. where you can observe these things on your mobile phone.

such as soil moisture, water, and many other things. IoT projects are in trending nowadays. we are having more than 100 projects on the IoT.

if you also wanna learn or make your own IoT project bookmark our website. There is a final year electronics project too uploaded. Okay, so with this awesome project you can monitor and control things used in Agriculture mainly.

we control the watering system and monitor the water percentage content by the soil. there we will use the soil moisture sensor which sends the information to us continuously.

We gonna share all the information in this article. what we needed to make this project included hardware and software.

what do you need to make this project is to follow all the given steps. and to make this project you need to know only some basics of programming and electronics. i

f you don’t know anything read our blog in the category section. this project is basically on introducing the IoT in Agriculture.

What is Smart agriculture using IoT?

IoT stands for the Internet of things so here we are using the internet to control and monitor the agriculture system. This is a very cool idea to introduce the internet of things in agriculture.


here we are having an app that makes this project is cool and smart. This system is used in many countries. how can this system help? as usual, the farmers have cropped some miles away from their homes.

so, every time it is difficult to go to the crop so here this system works. all the data which may have soil condition, soil moisture, temperature everything you can monitor and control via your mobile phone in this.

you just need to connect to the internet. smart agriculture using IoT is the system that works to monitor and control crop conditioning and time management.

How does the smart agriculture system Work?/ working

  • we will use the Blynk app to monitor the sensor.
  • The soil moisture sensor connects with the Nodemcu and Sends all the data to the Blynk server via the internet.
  • you can add more sensors like Ir Sensor with IoT. we will use only one sensor here you can use many sensors as per your requirement.
  • we are making this tutorial to teach you how to make smart agriculture using IoT so we are using only one sensor.
  • Blynk server is connected with the Mobile application.
  • where we will make the column that can show the value from 0 to 1023 which will come from the soil moisture sensor.
  • here first the sensor sends the value to the server with the help of nodemcu and then the server sends the same data to our mobile phone.
  • This is how the whole system works.

Now we will see what do we need to make this project.

How to make the Smart Agriculture using IoT project?

So, here we are starting to make this project. follow all the given steps to make this project. this is pretty simple. collect some components and then with these components make the circuit as we have given below.

after making all the connections you need to Upload the code. and then follow our steps to make the app work.

Components Required:-

  • Breadboard
  • Connecting cable
  • Jumper Wire
  • Nodemcu (esp8266)
  • Nodemcu cable
  • Soil moisture sensor

You can buy the whole components from the given link we have to share the amazon link. from where you can get a good discount on the components.

Circuit Diagram for smart agriculture:-

Smart Agriculture using IoT

Connection Table

Nodemcu esp8266Soil Moisture Sensor
D1 Pin( D0 ) OUT Pin

Internet of things in agriculture Code:-

 // ESP8266 LIBRARY  
 // Soil Moisture Sensor Connet to D1 PIN  
 #define BLYNK_PRINT Serial  
 #include <ESP8266WiFi.h>  
 #include <BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h>  
 BlynkTimer timer;  
 char auth[] = "WBmCc9gwFYk9-ygihh9yWqwf9aXo3F4l"; //Auth code sent via Email  
 char ssid[] = "DESKTOP"; //Wifi name  
 char pass[] = "asdfghjkl"; //Wifi Password  
 int flag=0;  
 void notifyOnFire()  
  int isButtonPressed = digitalRead(D1);  
  if (isButtonPressed==1 && flag==0) {  
   Serial.println("needs water, send notification");  
   Blynk.notify("Water your plants");  
  else if (isButtonPressed==0)  
 void setup()  
 Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass);  
 void loop()  

After uploading the code and circuit open the serial monitor. if there is something the same comes given below it means everything is ok.

Here we are given all the steps to make the project. follow all the steps.

Step 1

Setup Blynk app

Download Blynk app from the play store.

Step 2

Log in or create

an account in blynk

Step 3

Create new project


Step 4

name your project and select your board to nodemcu

Step 5

click on plus sign to

Add notification button

Step 6

Click on the play button

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