ws2811 arduino pixel Led Programming Tutorial

WS2811 Arduino circuit diagram:

Hey Techies and Artist! Isn’t it interesting to control the colour and pattern of light? At any festival like Diwali and eid, there is a lot of colorful lights.  which runs on the logic IC’s. there is some logic ic that sends the data to the LED to change the color and the pattern. Seeing … Read more

Using Temperature Sensor DS18B20 With Arduino

Hello mate. Are you working on a project that requires the use of a temperature sensor, DS18B20 with Arduino or you want to know how the temperature sensor works? well, you are at the right place. In this article, we’ll go over how to function, use, and interface an Arduino with a Ds18b20 temperature Sensor in … Read more

7 segment display Arduino Interface | Seven Segment with Arduino

Hey Techies. Have you ever seen any seven-segment display in your daily life? in washing machine timer? in weighing machines, electricity meters, and many more places we see the seven-segment display everywhere. so today we are going to teach you what is it and how does it work. here we are going to interface the … Read more

Arduino with Accelerometer Tutorial | Arduino ADXL335

Arduino Accelerometer Project With ADXL335 Circuit Diagram

Hello there, Do you want to know how an ADXL335 or GY61 accelerometer works? Are you working on a DIY project that calls for the use of an accelerometer but you’re not sure how? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over how to function, use, and interface an … Read more

soil moisture sensor with Arduino interface

Soil moisture sensor with Arduino Circuit Diagram 

Hello techies, Here we are back with another tutorial soil moisture sensor with Arduino. As we have covered many sensors with Arduino and today we will cover another sensor known as a soil sensor. There is 50+ article in our Arduino tutorial. We are sharing all the detail of this activity. if you are a … Read more

Arduino With Servo Motor Interface

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. Servo motor is one of the most precise motors available in the market which can rotate with the given angle. we need to give in the code part so that the motor can rotate with your instructions. here we are explaining why do we need a microcontroller to control … Read more

100+ Simple Arduino Project with code and circuit.

Arduino Project

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. Arduino is one of the best microcontroller development boards to make the School project, engineering project we can make Arduino project easily if we have basic knowledge of electronics and coding. Also, we are giving you an Arduino Ebook in which 10 Arduino activity given. which will help you … Read more

Bluetooth HC-05 Arduino Interfacing Tutorial

Hello Techies, did u ever think knowing Wireless Communication, can be easy & fun? Let’s see how Bluetooth discovery  & Operation: Nils Rydbeck first discovered Bluetooth in 1989  (Sweden). It is used to communicate between two devices. It is operated for small ranges upto 30 feet (10 meters), which may vary depending on other factors. … Read more