Alcohol detector using Arduino and MQ3 sensor

Alcohol detector using Arduino INTRODUCTION: – Nowadays drinking and driving is the most common threat to their as well as others’ life. We cannot stop people from drinking but we can avoid these accidents by checking the person of drinking also we can put these types of small devices in vehicles to assure that no … Read more

Obstacle Detector By IR Sensor with Arduino

Obstacle Detector By IR Sensor with Arduino We all have sure observed that our phone display turns off during phone calls when we put it near our ears. So, do you ever wonder how does this happens??? It is not a hi-tech thing but a simple IR sensor to detect the obstacle near the phone … Read more

Connect Potentiometer to Arduino Tutorial

connect a potentiometer to the Arduino

Potentiometer Is also known as the variable resistance. In this activity, we are controlling led brightness with Arduino and potentiometer which have the option to change the resistance according to the requirement. in this post, we will share how to connect a potentiometer to the Arduino tutorial. It is very important to learn because it … Read more

force sensor Arduino Interface tutorial

The force sensor is also known as the Force-sensitive resister Because it changes the value of current passes through the sensor according to the pressure on the sensor. as much as the weight on a sensor the resistance increase accordingly. Weight is directly proportional to the resistance of the sensor in the circuit. in this … Read more

Blink Led With Arduino tutorial

Blink Led With Arduino   INTRODUCTION: – Today’s article is especially for beginners who are new to the Arduino world and are interested to step into this world. So, from basic today we are going to tell you how to Blink Led With Arduino and make a simple code run in Arduino what’s working and … Read more

Push button with Arduino Tutorial #5

Welcome back to Techatronic, in this article, I am gonna do a brief description of the Arduino Button tutorial. if you are a learner and want to learn the Arduino. recently we have uploaded blink led with Arduino tutorial. Arduino is an open-source multipurpose development board which can be used to learn and automate the … Read more

What is Arduino brief Description- Tutorial #1

What is Arduino Welcome to the Techatronic Guys, So finally we are starting the Arduino Tutorial Series. This is for all the peoples who are beginners and want to learn the Arduino. in this article, we will provide a brief introduction to the Arduino. In which we will cover all the essential Points to operate … Read more