GSM Based fire alarm Project

GSM Based fire alarm Project Using Arduino 

Gsm Based fire alarm project with Arduino is a very useful project and this project is in trending nowadays. It could be used in a major project in colleges and universities. So who is making their mind to make this awesome project by themselves they are in the right place.  We are posting a briefly explained project here with the working code and the diagram. and we will also help all the students to make this project in the comment section. we have more projects on gsm like gsm based home automation using Arduino this project is also in Trending so you can make this project also a major project. We are going to explain all the steps and instructions below if you want to learn the project you need to read the full article carefully and you need to know only some basics of electronic and embedded systems to make this project.



What is GSM based fire alarm project:- 

This project is to protect the Forest especially. or it may be used in our home also. this is a very cool project though. GSM(global service for mobile) is used in mobile phones to communicate with the long-distance by wirelessly.  So, we are using this technology to protect the forest. because this system is not used any wire to communicate with another system. There we use the GSM SIM900N module with a sim card to notify the authorized person. when any mishappening occurs in the area where the system has been installed the message or call hangs up on the authorized person to make notify about the fire. GSM based fire alarm project Uses the sim recharge also for the message and the call.

This is normally the alarm system for a fire near the forest and where you want to install it. as you can see in the above image there is a fire sensor interface with the gsm module and the Arduino and there is a sim inside the module.

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic, We are Shahid and Adnan Electronics and engineers and making awesome new projects for you for the last 2 years. and today we also brought a new project which is trending and can be used in the major project. we are going to briefly describe the project with the circuit diagram and the code. so read the full article carefully and if you have any query you can ask un in the comment section. all the best.

How does the GSM-based fire alarm system work?

this project working is very simple only we have to send the data from the gsm to another mobile number. let see the fundamental working of this project. there is a fire sensor if fire comes near this system it will changes the data and this changes in data capture by the Arduino according to the database and the conditions the Arduino sends the instruction to the gsm module for sending the msg to the sim module. There are some AT commands according to these commands the GSM Module works. which commands we will explain in the below-given paragraph. in the gsm-based fire alarm project, We use the IR fire sensor which has adjustable sensitivity. you can adjust the sensitivity according to the need.

  • GSM SIM900 module only supports the 2G sim so, make sure when you insert the sim in the module.
  • When you upload the program in the Arduino plug out the RX, TX wire from the Arduino.
  • Switch off the power supply during the connection
  • Use 12v, 2amp power supply for GSM module.

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Component Required gsm based fire alarm project;-

  • Arduino Uno
  • SIM900 Module
  • IR flame sensor
  • LED
  • Arduino Cable
  • 16X2 LCD Display
  • I2C Module for LCD
  • Jumper wire

the above-given project components are verified and used in the project. prefer all these same models so you can easily manage the project and no difficulties will occur.

Circuit diagram for gsm based fire alarm project using Arduino:- 

GSM base fire alarm circuit diagram

The above-given diagram is tested and verified you can use this diagram in your project. and if you have any doubt we are explaining the diagram below.

  • Connect Arduino Tx to the GSM Rx
  • Connect Arduino Rx to the GSM Tx  (Note:- plug out the Rx wire of the Arduino during the upload program)
  • Connect Arduino A4 to the I2C SCL
  • Connect Arduino A5 to the I2C SDA
  • Connect Arduino 4 to the Flame sensor DO
  • Connect Arduino 5 to the LED +ve pin
  • Connect Arduino  6 to the Buzzer +ve pin
  • Common all device Ground to each other.

GSM module work with the Arduino with the UART protocol which is also known as the serial data protocol. in this protocol the shift register used to make the parallel data to the serial data. you can read all the AT commands in our previous post which is a GSM-based circuit breaker.  you must know the AT command to operate the gsm module. there are a lot of AT commands but we are using only some AT commands.

AT Commands:-

To Select message service
To Preferred message storage
select Message format
Service center address
Set text mode parameters in sim
To Show text mode parameters in Sim
Select cell broadcast message types
Save settings in the gsm module
Restore all settings
Message indications to TE
To make the list of messages
Read new message
Send a new message
Send message from sim storage
Write a message to gsm memory
Delete message


GSM Based fire alarm Arduino code:- 

 #include <Wire.h>           
 #include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>    
 LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd(0x27,16,2);   
  int val = 0 ;  
  int temp=0,i=0;  
  char str[15];  
 void setup()  
    pinMode(4,INPUT);  // Flame Sensor  
    pinMode(5,OUTPUT); // Led  
    pinMode(6,OUTPUT); // Buzzer  
    lcd.print(" GSM Base Fire     ");  
    lcd.print("Security System ");  
 void loop()  
   val = digitalRead(4); // pir sensor output pin connected  
   Serial.println(val); // see the value in serial mpnitor in Arduino IDE  
  if(val == 0 )  
   digitalWrite( 5,HIGH); // led   
   digitalWrite( 6,HIGH); // Buzzer  
   lcd.print(" Fire Detected     ");  
   lcd.print("   Be Safe    ");    
   /*Replace XXXXXXXXXX to 10 digit mobile number & ZZ to 2 digit country code*/  
   //The text of the message to be sent.  
   Serial.print("Fire Alert");  
     digitalWrite( 5,LOW); // led  
     digitalWrite( 6,LOW); // Buzzer  
     lcd.print("  FIRE NOT    ");  
     lcd.print("  DETECTED    ");  
  void serialEvent()   
  void check()  

Upload the given code in the Arduino with the help of Arduino IDE if you have any difficulties uploading the code you can find the Tutorial in the Arduino Tutorial category on our website.

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