Human Following Robot Using Arduino | Best Arduino Robot

Arduino robot | Human following robot

Hello Techies, Today we are making a very interesting and trending project here which is a Human Following robot. a robot that follows the human-like puppy. in this project you will learn a lot of things like ultrasonic Arduino interface, working with the Arduino motor shield, and much more. So we are going to share … Read more

100+ Simple Arduino Project with code and circuit.

Arduino Project

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. Arduino is one of the best microcontroller development boards to make the School project, engineering project we can make Arduino project easily if we have basic knowledge of electronics and coding. Also, we are giving you an Arduino Ebook in which 10 Arduino activity given. which will help you … Read more

Arduino IR Remote Control project

                     Arduino IR Remote Control project Hey guys, Are you aware of the IR technology? as all we saw television, home theater, and car stereo which all controlled by the remote which work on the Infrared wireless data transfer technology. welcome back to Techatronic. We are … Read more

line following robot Arduino Tutorial

line following robot Arduino

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. There are a lot of robots in robotics that students interested to make. some of the robots are most popular like Obstacle avoiding robot and Line following robot Arduino which we are making today with all the detail. and step by step instructions. what do you need to make … Read more

Mobile phone control spy robot project

spy robot

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. So, today we are making a very cool project. which is mobile phone control spy robot. as the name described a spy robot. isn’t it cool? it can help in to observe any place for example if you want to observe the hospital area you can observe with this … Read more

Automatic Street light with IR sensor

automatic street light

The automatic street light project is the most popular project nowadays. this project can be used in real life because it can save electricity. if there is nobody on the road why we should waste the electricity on such roads. at many places and highways using this technology. if there is any car detected the … Read more

Obstacle avoiding robot using Arduino- Two sensor

obstacle avoiding robot

There is a lot of robotics project in electronic but the obstacle avoiding robot is one of the most attractive because of its function. it can walk automatically without any control. and we are going to share all the information in this article. so, if you are searching and want to make this project by … Read more

Door security System Arduino RFID project

RFID is known as Radio Frequency Identification. and we are using this technology in this project to make a door security system. and we will make it with the Arduino. So who are searching for an Arduino RFID project we would like to show you this project. This is simple and attractive. you can also … Read more

Password based door lock system using Arduino with Keypad

Password based door lock system using Arduino

Hye guys welcome back to Techatronic. Today we are going to share a very good project with all detail like code, circuit, and making instruction the project name is Password based door lock system using Arduino with Keypad. this is a very cool project and can be used in mini as well as a major … Read more

Radar using Arduino & Ultrasonic sensor

Radar using Arduino and Ultrasonic sensor Radar using Arduino and ultrasonic sensor is a very good project in the electronic branch. It can detect any object in the path with the help of an ultrasonic sensor. Ultrasonic sensors rotate over the servo motor and almost cover all directions in rotatory motion. There is processing software … Read more