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Arduino Projects for Beginner

We have made a lot of projects on Arduino for beginners. here we are providing A huge list of Arduino projects for beginners. who want to start Arduino programming and learn about Arduino. Also. we are going to discuss how to Control Arduino with the Software.

To make the Arduino projects we need software that can help to program the Arduino and other basic electronics and Coding. we can code Arduino in C/C++ and python.

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Arduino Projects for Beginner

Arduino is a microcontroller development board which have inbuilt RAM and ROM. To operate this microcontroller we need to connect it to the Computer. if you want to learn the basic program in Arduino you can follow our article.

We have more than 500 projects for Arduino lovers.

So, Here is the

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List Arduino projects for beginner

Heart Beat Sensor Using Arduino| BPM Monitor with Arduino

In this project, we are making a pulse rate counter with a heartbeat sensor. as all of you are aware of this sensor. this sensor is inside the smartwatches. We will interface this sensor with the Arduino and show the result on an LCD display. so, all the instructions are given here to complete this Arduino project for Beginner.

Edge detection robot | Smart Robot | Arduino Robot

Edge detection robot as the name suggests a robot that follows the edge. means if the robot will find the edges it will return back or turn to another side. There we are using some IR sensors that help to find the edges at the surface. Arduino will monitor the scenario and give the instructions.

Automation Using TSOP 1738 Sensor And Arduino

This is one of the best Arduino projects for beginners in this project we will control our home appliance with the TV or AC remote. We will use the TSOP sensor in this case and it will receive the data from the transmitter. so, in this project, we only need to interface this TSOP sensor with the Arduino and connect some leads for testing. after testing you can replace this LED with the relay which can directly control your home appliances.

Automatic Door Opener With Sensor And Arduino

The automatic door opener is the most common project which is applied in many places like Shopping mall gates and Hotels. If you come in front of the gate the gate will open automatically and after a particular time, it will close automatically. The door is connected to an actuator or motor which helps to open the gate.

Arduino with led Project using Rotatory Encoder | Arduino LED project

Hey, guys, we are making a creative project this time. I think all of you know the regulator uses in the fan, air coolers, and many other devices so today we are going to make the same project with the regulator or rotatory encoder. So, we will interface the Rotatory encoder with the Arduino and the LED.

Automatic Light microwave motion sensor | microwave motion detector

We all are aware of the motion sensor which we are using for a long time which used to detect motion. But now we have a new sensor which replaces the traditional motion sensor. Microwave sensors will be used in this project. microwave sensor has more sensitivity than the IR sensor. If you need to make this project just follow the given instructions.

LPG Gas leakage detector using Arduino | Arduino Project

LPG gas leakage detector is very useful in kitchen areas. if there is any LPG gas leakage the Project will notify with the buzzer sound. We are using the LPG sensor here and interfacing this sensor with the Arduino and according to the input, the Arduino will start the work. There we are using LED and Speaker with this sensor.

Music Reactive LED Using Arduino

Music Reactive LED is an attractive and creative project here we are doing led illumination with the sound. the sound sensor gives the input to the Arduino which is our microcontroller and the Arduino operates the light with the beat of the sound. So, there is we have given all the instructions to make an Arduino project for Beginners.

Arduino RF Module Automatic Door Using DC Motor

The automatic door will open and close automatically there we are using some motors and actuators which can pull the gate open or close. But at this small level, Hey, phone number guys welcome back to Techatronic so in this project, we are making an automatic gate open and close system with the use of RF communication RF stand for ready frequency transmission from the transmitter to the receiver, and at the receiver end, we have used an Arduino.  When someone comes in front of the gate the gate will be open automatically

Hall Effect Sensor With Arduino | Hall effect sensor | Arduino Tutorial

Hall effects Sensor is a special type of sensor that can sense a magnet.  If you have any project in which you are going to detect the magnet or magnetic rays so you can use this project we are making a complete project with code circuits and instructions.   Hall effect sensor is made by a transistor.  There is some changes noticed in the hall effect sensor when the magnet comes in the contact with the hall effect sensor so we are making this project to use our project in the detection of magnet.

More Arduino Projects for Beginners

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