Flame Detector using Arduino

Flame detector Using Arduino

Flame detector Using Arduino FIRE is a small world but causes many disasters every year in many parts of the world. Like forest fires in amazon are very common we couldn’t stop it completely but take some preventive measures to control it so today we are going to make a fire alarm which will detect … Read more

Arduino IR Remote Control project

                     Arduino IR Remote Control project Hey guys, Are you aware of the IR technology? as all we saw television, home theater, and car stereo which all controlled by the remote which work on the Infrared wireless data transfer technology. welcome back to Techatronic. We are … Read more

ultrasonic sensor with Arduino Tutorial

Ultrasonic sensor with Arduino

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. So, as we are at the last of this Arduino course. I hope you have learned a lot of things during this course session. We have uploaded a lot of detailed articles which absolutely help to learn the basics of the Arduino and the programming and in this article, … Read more

Interface LCD with Arduino (16×2)

Interface LCD with Arduino

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. So today we are making Interface LCD with Arduino Activity Tutorial. which is most important in the series of learning activities. There is the full course we are making on the Arduino. so the guys   The visual sense is very important in every project this may make more understand, … Read more

line following robot Arduino Tutorial

line following robot Arduino

Hey guys, welcome back to Techatronic. There are a lot of robots in robotics that students interested to make. some of the robots are most popular like Obstacle avoiding robot and Line following robot Arduino which we are making today with all the detail. and step by step instructions. what do you need to make … Read more