ST7789 Display Pi Pico

Hey Guys, Today I’m back with another interesting example on Raspberry Pi Pico. ST7789 display Pi Pico, In this we’ll discuss how we can hook our ST7789 display to pico. I have also done a tutorial of the same display on raspberry pi. So if you are interested in that then click here. So let’s … Read more

Ultrasonic Range Finder Using Arduino and LCD

In this article, we will discuss how Ultrasonic Range Finder can be made using Arduino and 16X2 LCD display. If you are new in this field and want to know more about Arduino, please check out here. Arduino is a development board that uses ATmega328p IC for its functioning. you can find many types of … Read more

IoT based Smart Irrigation

Hey Folks, I’m back again with a very interesting and almost most useful project related to irrigation. IoT based smart irrigation. People who love gardening feels it very annoying to go everyday for status of their plants. So today we gonna demonstrate how you can get real time status of your garden with the help … Read more

Facial Expression on 8X8 LED Matrix Using Arduino

Welcome to Techatronic, in this article will learn how to make Facial Expression on 8X8 LED Matrix Using Arduino. In this project, we use an 8X8 LED Matrix for making different facial expressions on it such as smiling, sed, and neutral face. If you are new to this field please do check out more projects … Read more

Rain Detector Using Arduino and Raindrop Sensor

This article will learn how to make a Rain Detector project using Arduino and Raindrop sensor. In this project, we use a Raindrop sensor for detecting the rain and a dc motor for covering the roof. If you are new to this field please do check out more projects on Arduino. Arduino is a microcontroller … Read more

Raspberry Pi Servo Control

servo pi

Hi there, I hope you find my previous post interesting and knowledgeable. So today I am back with another useful tutorial on raspberry pi. Raspberry Pi servo control. You all are familiar with servo motor, if someone is not then google it and see its working principle. In short words, it is a motor that … Read more