Smart Helmet Project Using Arduino | Accident Detection Helmet

smart helmet project
Hey guys , welcome back to the Techatronic. Smart helmet has many features like Navigation, Call , accident detection , ...
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Supplement Your Business with Modern Tech

modern tech
Thanks to easy-to-use tech, it’s more straightforward than ever to supplement your business with modern tech these days. CC0 Licensed ...
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ESP32 with WS2812 Pixel Led Programming

ws2812 with arduinio
Hey Guys , welcome back to Techatronic. today we brought this amazing project where you can interface ESP32 with WS2812 ...
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IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring| SPO2, Heart rate and Temperature

health monitoring project
Monitor Spo2 , Heart rate and Temperature with our newly made Health monitoring project on IoT. We monitor all these ...
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Car parking Project Vacant Slot Monitor | Smart car Parking

car parking project
A car parking project is needed to implement in every parking to save us time. There are many simple and ...
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How to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing on TikTok?

While there are a lot of marketing practices, affiliate marketing is the most effective compared with other methodologies. If you ...
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