3 Ways To Protect Your Tech Business

Image Credit: Luca Bravo from Unsplash. Tech companies are just as at risk to hackers and other bad actors as ...
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How To Remain Business Compliant And Out Of Trouble

It’s useful for your business to stay out of trouble and whether you land into hot waters intentionally or by ...
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6 Ways Tech is Helping Us Look After Our Natural Resources

We’ve all seen the benefits of having tech in our lives. Businesses are boosting their cyber security prowess by incorporating ...
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FPGA agricultural production identification system based on Zynq 7000 series

Table of Contents: 1. Agricultural production identification system based on FPGA 2. Overview of Zynq 7000 FPGA 3. Zynq 7000 ...
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NRF Remote Control | NRF 24L01 Remote for Rc Car Plane

NRF 24L01 Remote Control for RC Car
Hey geeks welcome back to the techatronic. This time we have made this great project which is NRF Remote control ...
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Essential Cyber Security Hardware for Your Company

Software is a massive help when it comes to protecting a business from an external threat. But there are also ...
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Spartan 6 Series Device Introduction

Spartan 6 Series Device
Overview of Spartan 6 devices The Spartan 6 FPGA is a class of low-cost, high-capacity FPGAs that utilize 45nm low-power ...
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IoT with Wio-WM1110 Board For better IoT communication

What’up, community! Join us in this exciting journey of pushing the boundaries of technology and discovering new possibilities with Wio-WM1110 projects now! ...
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LDR with Raspberry PI PICO |raspi pico LDR Sensor

ldr sensor with raspi pico
Hey Tech Folks, I’m back here to share with you all another important and DIY projects based on Raspberry Pi ...
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Arduino with MLX90614 IR temperature Sensor and LCD display.

Arduino with MLX90614 IR temperature Sensor
Recently we have made a useful project with the MLX90614 IR Temperature sensor. MLX90614 sensor is the most useful sensor ...
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