Cell Phone Signal Jammer Using 555 IC

Hey techies, welcome back to Techatronic. Are you aware of the jammer used for blocking a particular type of signal? In this article, we are going to make a portable mini circuit for a cell phone signal jammer by using some passive elements and a 555 timer ic.  We are using a 555 timer ic which is very good at providing correct delays to the circuit. Apart from it, we are also using some capacitors and resistors of different values, please go through their working once. This project is for educational purposes only, using these types of jammers actively in some places is illegal. Also, visit more such amazing electronics projects made by us. You can solder the components with each other using soldering iron but we prefer you to use a breadboard instead of soldering. If you solder them please handle the soldering iron carefully.

How Does it Work?

The jammer we made is capable of blocking the signals of a cell phone when placed near it. The signals coming from the jammer circuit we made get interfere with the radio waves coming from the cell phone which results in the blocking of cell phone signals. Hence the phone is unable to communicate with the respective towers. The range of our jammer is very short. The 555 timer ic is an 8 pin ic. Before connecting the transistor please find its emitter and collector pins. The circuit can be turned off and on by using a switch and the LED will glow when the power is turned on.

Components Required

  • 555 timer ic
  • 5-volts battery
  • A switch
  • An LED
  • Resistors (3.9K, 6.8K, 82K, 10K, 5.6K, 220E)
  • Ceramic capacitors (3.3PF, 47PF, 2PF, 4.7PF)
  • Capacitors (4.7UF)
  • 24 AWG copper wire
  • 30 PF trimmer
  • BF 495 transistor
  • Breadboard and some Jumper wires

Circuit Diagram for the project

cell phone signal jammer

Please make the connections according to the above diagram. You can use a breadboard for making connections or you can solder the components with each other. Make sure that the connections are made properly and tight. While making the circuit please ensure that the components have their proper values as mentioned in the circuit. For identifying the pins of a 555 timer ic use the notch given on the top. On the left-hand side of the notch is pin number 1. Make the coils from 24 AWG copper wire using a pen/pencil. You have to make three coils of it as shown above. Leave pin number 5 of 555 ic as it is. Now connect the 5-volts DC power supply to the circuit and turn the switch on.

Final Look of the Project

cell phone signal jammer

Turn on the switch of your jammer circuit and place a cell phone near it. You can observe that the signals of the cell phone got lost completely or become weak. We hope that you learn the project well and try to make the jammer circuit on your own. You can check out more articles on basic electronics written by us. If you are facing any problems while making it do inform us in the comments section below.


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